Webinar Series-Leadership Through Crisis

Webinar Series-Leadership Through Crisis

Prospanica Webinar Series: Leadership Through Crisis Badge

Prospanica Webinar Series: Leadership Through Crisis Badge

The Leadership through Crisis Badge was developed for Prospanica by University of Dallas faculty to provide a sound knowledge base on how to effectively lead during a time of turmoil and unrest. Earners of this badge gain an understanding of the importance of creating a supportive environment for their teams and themselves, making sound decisions, and bridging differences effectively. The topics of emotional intelligence, strategic financial decision making, leading through change, with techniques for having difficult conversations, effectively mitigating personal attacks, managing emotions, and building resiliency among team members are discussed in one-hour long sessions with subject matter experts.

Webinar Topics

Strategizing for Uncertainty through Organizational Finances 
Presenter: Dr. Ali Dadpay

Every manager uses financial data and concepts to measure business performance as a foundation for decision making. This becomes more important during a time of crisis and uncertainty. This webinar will review financial concepts across different industries and how executives use them to formulate strategies. This will provide the participants with essential knowledge that will increase their confidence and ability to participate and to contribute to their organization's internal financial decision making. 

Having the Hard Conversations
Presenter: Dr. Rich Miller

In today’s world, we cannot ignore those that are different from us. However, building the bridges requires us to have hard conversations with people that may not be willing to or they will use personal attacks to avoid having them. In this webinar, you will learn how to begin these conversations, how to engage those that are not receptive to you, and dealing with personal attacks.

Coaching your Teams to High Performance through Tough Times
Presenter: Dr. Jude Olson

Are your virtual or co-located team members losing focus?  Is motivation on a plateau?  Are your team leaders struggling with priorities in the midst of change?

Most companies are counting on their high-performing teams to keep producing results and innovation to stay competitive--especially during these uncertain times. For managers and team leads, it takes a balance of caring for your team along with getting the work done. 


  • Coach your teams to renew their purpose and expand stakeholder value
  • Build resilience by leveraging team relationships and empathy
  • Focus your teams to keep them on track in times of ambiguity--while working virtually or returning to the workplace

 Leading with Resilience Through Difficult Times
Presenter: Dr. Laura Munoz

When leading a team, a leader is positioned to guide change while expected to maintain confidence and self-motivation. In this seminar, we will learn to manage our emotions to lead with resiliency through social unrest, crisis, or tough decisions that affect teams you care about. 

Earning the Badge

Actively participate in the 4 part webinar series that include – International Effectiveness; Conflict Management; Effective Team Building; and Emotional Intelligence, in addition to successfully completing online assessments for each of the webinars. The badge will be issued by the University of Dallas.

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