Business Communications Badge

Business Communications Badge

Prospanica Webinar Series: Business Communications Badge

Prospanica Webinar Series: Business Communications Badge

The Business Communication Badge was developed for Prospanica by University of Dallas faculty to provide a sound knowledge base on the topic of business communications. Earners of this badge gain an understanding of the importance of good communication practices and how to tackle common communication issues. The topics of interpersonal effectiveness, conflict management, effective team building, and emotional intelligence are discussed in one-hour long sessions with subject matter experts.

Webinar Topics

Interpersonal Effectiveness
Presenter: Dr. Laura Munoz

Interpersonal effectiveness helps us to interact with others; a skill needed in today’s workplace regardless of one’s gender, experiences, or professional area. In this seminar we will focus on learning how to effectively achieve our objectives, maintain professional relationships, and keep self-respect. When we focus on implementing effective practices in these areas, we can achieve a sense of control over our lives and maintain self-respect while preserving relationships.

Conflict Management
Presenter: Dr. J. Lee Whittington

Conflict is a part of life, learning to recognize and handle difficult situations is important. In this seminar we will explore the nature and sources of conflict and how to develop constructive methods for handling conflict. Participants will learn the positive and negative consequences of conflict and the five styles of conflict management. We recommend participants take a downloadable self-assessment to determine their conflict-handling style prior to attending the webinar. This assessment will be sent to those that register for this seminar.

Building Effective Teams
Presenter: Dr. Jude Olson

How to Leverage Knowledge & Learning Across Teams: ‘Best Practice’ was yesterday, ‘best thinking’ is today and tomorrow—learn how to leverage your team’s knowledge to solve problems in a VUCA environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

  • Create a new leadership orientation for project teams, cross-functional teams, tiger teams and virtual teams
  • Use Emotional Intelligence to enhance social awareness and empathy to build team relationships
  • Bridge organizational boundaries to enhance collaboration among diverse stakeholders

Emotional Intelligence
Presenter: Dr. Benjamin Dilla

On a day-to-day basis, do you feel stressed or resilient? Are you on top of your emotions or feeling the effects of burnout? How well do you build relationships with others, collaborate with team members, and influence and lead others? All of these critical workplace behaviors hinge on your Emotional Intelligence (EI). Having strong EI means that you are able to demonstrate both Personal Competence (Self-Awareness and Self-Management) and Social Competence (Social Awareness and Relationship Management). In this webinar, Dr. Ben Dilla will explain these skills in greater depth and challenge you to build on your strengths and address your areas for development with practical action steps.

Earning the Badge

Actively participate in the 4 part webinar series that include – International Effectiveness; Conflict Management; Effective Team Building; and Emotional Intelligence, in addition to successfully completing online assessments for each of the webinars. The badge will be issued by the University of Dallas.

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