Agnieszka Rostkowski


Agnieszka Rostkowski - Artist & Consultant

2020 Bachelor of Arts in The Arts
University of Dallas, Irving, TX

Agnieszka Rostkowski moved to Colorado with a ceramic internship and currently works as a phone consultant. Agnieszka skis and snowboards in the winters and bikes everywhere in the summertimes. 

Agnieszka keeps artistically active by taking classes. For two years after graduation, she worked primarily in leather. Agnieszka made leather portraits out of scraps and worked on design elements (how to make a 2-dimensional piece of leather into a bag or a mouse, for instance).  

Agnieszka worked on interactive functional ceramics and picked up an oven clay portrait idea when she was out of the studio. She likes making Christmas gifts with ceramics. Agnieszka is experimenting with facial features on mugs, adding noses, eyeballs, and lips.

Agnieszka took painting classes. She prefers water colors. She experiments with underglazes with ceramics to paint a picture that has a water color effect.

See Agnieszka's Instagram here. She hopes to start her own business this year.